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Looking at a sideways trade..

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A local dealer has a 14' Pro4X loaded and lifted 6". I have been thinking about trading over to it although I have pretty much the same truck minus the lift. The difference is I could get into it for the same payment and less than if I went to a 4wd shop to have all that work done. Dealer installed all the aftermarket parts just recently. Its a Procomp list with PC Coilovers I think and wheels/tires.

The truck is from Canada and has those dumb DRL (high beams at half power) and some minor surface rust on the underside from..well Canada I guess. Only 16K miles which is nice, mine has 27K.

I searched but couldn't come up with a way to disable to DRL's. Anyone figure that out yet?

Thought on the deal in general? Not the best idea but I'm going to have the payment regardless. Then in a few years once the XD has the bugs worked out, I can move into that.

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I assume your is the same year?
Sounds to me like a no-brainer for you.
Thanks, yeah its pretty nice. I've stripped every possible "accessory" off mine that the dealer doesn't know about. But I keep flip flopping on what to do. For $50 more a month, I could get into an XD!
The XD's are being discounted heavily, more as each month goes by. Certainly enticing.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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