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Looking at a Titan

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I am looking at an 2008.5 Titan. It will be my business and personal truck. I have always driven Fords and I was wondering about the quality of the Nissan. I like some of the little things that Nissan has built into the truck. Without turning this into a bashing thread, how do you guys like the Nissan in comparison to the domestics. I really can't afford to have the truck off the road. I understand that they all break, but some more than others. Also, after some miles are on the truck, do they stay tight (squeaks and rattles)?

Thanks .:eek:ldschool
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I LOVE my Titan!! I drive an 04 SE that has about 65000 miles on it. Mine has never been in for anything other than the break recall!!! (knock on wood) My only real squeek is my passenger seat squeeks sometimes!!! Other than that, the truck is solid and runs great!!!
I have enjoyed my Titan since day one. It is a truck, and since I have 40,000 miles on mine, there are the normal squeeks and rattles. You will like it. Better than a ford anyday.
Ill be honest with you, your not going to hear anyone say anything bad about a titan on this forum. Rightfully so, I have had mine since sept and I absolutely love it. I had an f150 prior to my titan and I had no problems with it either, but compared to this truck, well there is no comparison. Go with the titan and I promise you won't be dissapointed.
I have an 05 with 30K miles. No sqeeks or rattles. I had a Dodge and a Ford prior to the Titan, and I don't think I could ever go back.
04 with 72000 miles:rockon . Still feels like Christmas morning every time I go out to climb in her. :cheers:
My dad had always been a die hard Ford man until our local dealership pissed him off and he decided he would never buy another vehicle from them again, so I was told they would help me out with buying a truck but I couldn't get an F150 which is what I really wanted. So, I checked out the Titans because I thought they looked better than any other 1/2 ton and my dad was really suprised with the quality of the Nissans and how much cheaper they were compared to an F150 with similar features. I ended up buying the Titan and I'll have to say I'm glad the Ford dealer pissed my dad off, if not I'd be stuck in a slow F1****ty. He likes the Titan so much, he even wants to get an Armada when they sell their Expedition becuase of the quality and all the small things Nissan puts on their vehicles.
Go drive both!

I did, the f150 felt really really solid. It was slow, and for the interior i wanted (leather, with the console shifter) it was more expensive then the titan. Also they only have a short box with the 4dr so it was a no brainer for me. I sure do like the looks of the currently f150, but the nissan is a looker too.

The titan is great though, i've only got about 4k on mine, but still good as new.
I had a F150 before I bought Titan. And I like them both. I wanted to buy a Crew Cab, 4X4 and F150 with similar package was very expensive. So I went with 08 Totan SE, CC, 4X4, LWB, Popular Package. And I've no regrets. Titan has far more punch then F150 and is very nicely laid out.
Titans are AWESOME trucks and super easy to work on. Keep in mind that the Non-BigTow does get a little better MPG's and still has pretty good pulling power if that's a concern for you at all.
i came from a ford and will never go back
Way back when I was a chevy man. Most recently I have been in Fords. What attracted me to the Titan was bang for the buck. I have owned mine for a little over a year and have about 15000 miles on her. I have not had a single problem and there is no indication that is likely to change. This truck is a blast to drive. You will have to get behind the wheel to know what I mean. Give one a test drive and I bet you won't want to get out.
I didn't pick Ford because the interior isn't as nice as Nissan's, and the longest bed the 1/2 ton crew cabs come with is 6 1/2 ft. Also, only a 4 speed trans.

I didn't pick Dodge because thier crew cabs (or whatever they call them) are about as roomy as an extended cab in back, and again, the interior isn't as nice, and no 5 speed trans.

I didn't pick GM becasue the longest bed you can get on the crew cab is 5 1/2ft. I considered Fords 6 1/2 footer, but 5 1/2 is out of the question. Also a 4 speed trans.

I didn't pick the Tundra because of the flexy frames, and I don't like the looks of them.

I went with the Titan because it looks good, has a fully boxed frame, dana 44 rear axle this year, and I could get a crew cab with a 7'3" bed so that I can close the tailgate with 2 bikes in the bed. I also like the trans temp gauge, and big towing mirrors, plus it has more ground clearance than the other trucks. It has more features for less money. It's everything I wanted in a 1/2 ton truck.

I almost went with Ford, but the Titan was just a better deal for what seems like the same build quality.
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I almost bought a brand new F150 until I on a whim I test drove a Titan. I was sold. Bought a 2008 and have 2500 miles on it. It makes me smile EVERY time I drive it. Pull the trigger, you won't be sorry.
Kitts said:
Ill be honest with you, your not going to hear anyone say anything bad about a titan on this forum. Rightfully so, I have had mine since sept and I absolutely love it. I had an f150 prior to my titan and I had no problems with it either, but compared to this truck, well there is no comparison. Go with the titan and I promise you won't be dissapointed.
Haha - no doubt! Although we are all Big Three converts at one time or another since that was the only option for so long. GO NISSAN.
I'm on my 2nd Titan and couldn't be happier. I had the rear end replaced on my 04 Titan along with having Nissan upgrade the brakes but all in all, it's one hell of a tow vehicle and as a personal vehicle, the Titan stands out over the domestics. Sort of a more upscale, fancy-ish pickup. You won't regret going with the Titan. All of Titans shortcomings seemed to have been addressed with the 08 model.
My 05 Titan has 135000 PERFECT miles on it. It has been through pulling horses, 4 boys, 5 sets of tires, 3 sets of break pads, and about 100 or so oil changes. After that track record, I decided to purchase my second Titan. Because my 05 has been a perfect truck, I decided to not trade it in. So now I have a "beater" Titan, and a nice brand new 4x4 as well. You cant go wrong with this truck. With the current rebates, they are a steal as well.
Well like other have said on this board you will get only get people who love their Titans, not exactly bias audience. Anyway with that said. I was a GMC die hard fan (I still like GMC) but my 1988 GMC was getting pretty tired. I saw my 04 Titan in the lot, dove it and the rest was history.

I loved the looks of the new titans, I loved the was it steered (very precise). The ABS and VDC added a level of safety I had never experienced, I would highly recommend it for people who are not comfortable sliding around in ice and snow).I have the Extra cab and the way the rear door opened up 180 degrees was awesome and revolutionary at the time. The utlitrack was also a brand new idea that Nissan never gets credit for. The 5 speed tranny was also something you didn’t see at that time.

And in 04 they were practically giving the trucks away! I got mine for $400 a month even, X 72 months = 28800 + 2000 down. = $30800 for a 4x4 fully loaded black extra cab with $800 brush guard and that included tax, finance and extended warrantee. My friend bought a super duty at the same time and it was almost $800 a month (6 years) for what? A diesel? God Damn, that a lot of money for slightly bigger truck and (not even good) diesel engine (dodge would be better) In fact ford bought the truck back 2 years later under a lemon law (it still cost him a ****load of money) and he now drives an older dodge. While I still have my trouble free & paid for Nissan that still looks and drives like new (I paid it off when I got divorced and refied my house :()

Anyway I still love my titan as much as the 1st day I bought it. The new GMC do look nice thou but I’m sticking with my Nissan to at least 2014 (or if Nissan makes a titan with a cummings in it!)…

So yea, buy the titan (unless you are one of these people that every truck they buy is a lemon and have problems after problems, then buy a ford , we want to keep the Nissan name in good standing:)
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When I bought my 07' SE I had looked at Ford also. Looked at Toyota, GMC and Chevy. After all was said and done, base engine in a Titan will cost you a thousand or two more to come close in a Ford. The same with GM products. After years of the Dodge "Bucket of Bolts" of all types, the Titan topped them all.
I love my Titan, US made and the best truck I've ever owned.
Shop all you want, you will see that for the $ Nissan has the others beat.
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