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Looking at bugshields?

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Not sure what manufacture I should buy from? I want the smoke colored one, however I just want it to cover the hood not the fenders. Any suggestions, or pictues would be appreciated. Thanks
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Gee, I don't think I've seen a bug deflector that only covered the hood since my Dad's '87 Ford with the little vertical piece of plexiglass..... That's gonna be a tough one.....
No, I mean one like you have on your truck, I've seen a truck running around here that has one that extends over and above the headlights, it looks like hell! Looking for opinions/pictures of smoked colored bugshields.

MOST, if not all of the ones I've seen fit like this.


They are all about the same shape. I've not seen one as you describe. Maybe it was for a different truck and he modified it?
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who makes your bugshield? Best place to purchase it?
It's made by Lund. It's stainless steel. They also make the smoke lexan models, too. You can get them from any autoparts place, either a store near you or online. You can also find some good deals on them on eBay. That's where mine came from and it's about 2/3 the retail price when I bought it.
I bought the nissan bug deflector, it looks great, does not flop around. It does take a few minutes of reading the directions, but once you read and understand it goes on pretty easily. It cost about $75.
can I fit a bug deflector under my brush guard. It looks really close. but am getting a few dings on the front of the hood one has actually chip the paint off. I have a nissan brush guard.
I'm looking at these are well, still undecided what to go for, le tme know what you end up getting, where and how easy it go's on.

Thanks much.

I took Beauty's advise......Go Lund Stainless.....Hands down. Accents the chrome front and "protects" way better than plastic. Really turns heads.
i too want the stainless Lund. does anyone know if the 2007 version will fit 2008 truck? i have an SE longbox
All the deflectors fit all the years of this truck. That's pretty much a given until the redesign....
I also have the SS Lund..........still looks like new after
three years. The SS resists pitting very well.
The SS is the only way to go!!
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