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Looking for a scanner

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My SES light came on (steady) going to work tonight. The only thing I did was put a CAI on, About four months ago and 10,000 miles later. So I don't suspect this could be the problem. As soon as I got to work I checked the gas cap it was tight. So this is why I am looking for a scanner. I know I could check for codes the free way but I really want to get a scanner for my other vehicles also.
Does anyone have any suggestions as far as a decent one not to pricey. I like the idea of logging the info to a lap top that's pretty cool. I did check out the proscan, briefly. Is proscan good? Any info would help, Thanks
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LandShark said:
I like that it only has two buttons. That is simple. I think advance auto has actron tools, I'll have to stop there on the way home and see the price difference. Thanks
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