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Looking for help for amp.....

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Okay I have been looking for a nice 5 channel amp and the ones that I came up with was the following:

1. Eclipse XA5000
2. Fosgate Limited Power 1000
3. Kicker ZX700.5

Those are the three that caught my attention. I am looking for opinions and if there are other 5 channel amps that would be better.
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Doola36 said:
The reason I was looking at a 5 channel amp was because I just want one amp that does all the work. I don't want to run two amps.
The only issue you may have with a 5 channel is space to install it. They tend to be large amps.
2 amps can be mounted in 2 seperate locations. ie. behind the seat, factory jack location or under the front seats.
Doola36 said:
I understand that but I like to use as little space as possible.
If you have a king cab you are limited to about a 17" amp if your are installing behind the rear seat. It you have a crew cab with power rear glass you have even less space back there. Under the front seats will allow for about a 13" amp if you do not want anything hanging out and you can fit closer to a 20" amp in the factory jack location. If you build a rack within your enclosure length is of no issue.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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