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Looking for help for amp.....

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Okay I have been looking for a nice 5 channel amp and the ones that I came up with was the following:

1. Eclipse XA5000
2. Fosgate Limited Power 1000
3. Kicker ZX700.5

Those are the three that caught my attention. I am looking for opinions and if there are other 5 channel amps that would be better.
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It would help if you told us how many watts you think you need.

So what speakers and what is your budget?
Tech12volt custom built a box with a Boston G1 12" woofer and a 5 channel amp "all in one" and it looks really nice. I heard this setup and it sounds really great too! James, maybe you should post some pics of Transformers setup!
You just asked him.... The DNX7100 by Kenwood. And yes its awesome....
HAH thats ok... it happens.....
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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