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I am an Engineering student at New England Institute of Technology and I have 3d printers, milling machines ect that I can use. Ive been doing lots of research on intake manifold designs and holy sh1t are intakes suck. I really want to design a completely new manifold from ground up. I need to get the dimensions of the ports, port spacing and shape, injector about location. If anyone has this written up on Solid works please DM me. And if anyone has a manifold laying around please DM me I want it (cheap). Also Please tell me what yall want in a manifold. My idea is a 3 pice manifold With a bottom plate that bolts to the heads and has injector holes, a middle plate that I can make multiple lengths for testing on cammed and non cammed applications, and lastly a top hat with the neck for the tb. Ive considered a dual tb manifold where you have long runners up top and a small or stock tb, and runner's on a separate plane that are short with their own tb, that wont open till 75% throttle. Not sure how the wiring would work and or spacing/intake tube. I think wiring wise you could extend the Upper tb down bellow and have the ground for that tb on a separate loop along with a solenoid that wont close till a certain rpm or voltage. lol I have ideas but i know you do to so let me know down below. Anything that i do make will take a while no doubt but I have classes coming up in the spring summer time that I have to make something so :big_grin:
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