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Hi all,

Recently purchased 2007 Titan LE 4x4 CC, has about 80k miles, seems to be all stock. I'm thinking of picking up a second set of rims so I can have a set of 'highway' or road trip tires for Summer use as this is my primary family hauler as of now, and then a 'spare' set for winter / off road tires as I'd like to dabble in some off road or trail driving as a hobby. Don't like the off road tire noise for our summer use, etc... Summer tires would end up being on the nicer set of wheels, if for no other reason than all the road salt we have to deal with here in OH. Not opposed to after market, but so far been looking at oem/takeoffs so I don't have to worry about offset spacing, etc.. plus I don't want anything too intricate that is a pain in the *&% to wash and keep looking good, which most of the after markets seem to be.

So, question is, when looking for some used take-off deals, there are a lot more popping up in 18" size as opposed to 20 inchers. Are the advantages worth it to hold out for a 20 inch size? If I find some, will they fit my 2007 without modification? Some opinions I've read say the 18's are better off road tires anyway because you want the sidewall flex for better traction, etc... kinda confused.

Also, since most are being sold without the tpms sensors, how much are they, where to get? One set specifically I'm looking for is off a 2009 4x4, 18" oem rims, but without sensors. If I just run without them, will I get the light on the dash all the time?

Thanks for the help and opinions, Geoff.
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