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Looking for programmer and radio advice

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Hey TITANtalk,
Just bought a 2014 SV 2wd. A couple of upgrades I would like to do but need advice on:
1. Which programmer to use?
Truck has a K&N CAI and dual exhaust from the engine all the way back. (Not sure what brand as the exhaust was installed when I bought the truck and I can't see any logo on the mufflers but it sounds GREAT!)

2. Stereo upgrade. It has the RockfordFosgate system in it but I want to be able to play tunes from my phone via bluetooth, not plug in an AV cable, and I would like to integrate the factory backup camera into the new unit. Don't need a CD player or Satellite radio tuner.

Thanks in advance for the advise/suggestions.
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Hillboy, I got a Bullydog GT with your name on it for $200 shipped. It has the latest update. I have a 2014 also, so just plug and play.
The Bully is worthless if he wants to do headers.

I've got a Bully and love it though.
Another thing is you must be doing something wrong as my buddies 2013 streams music through Bluetooth
Mine does it fine. Connect phone via bluetooth and hit the aux a couple times to get to the phone.
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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