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Looking for programmer and radio advice

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Hey TITANtalk,
Just bought a 2014 SV 2wd. A couple of upgrades I would like to do but need advice on:
1. Which programmer to use?
Truck has a K&N CAI and dual exhaust from the engine all the way back. (Not sure what brand as the exhaust was installed when I bought the truck and I can't see any logo on the mufflers but it sounds GREAT!)

2. Stereo upgrade. It has the RockfordFosgate system in it but I want to be able to play tunes from my phone via bluetooth, not plug in an AV cable, and I would like to integrate the factory backup camera into the new unit. Don't need a CD player or Satellite radio tuner.

Thanks in advance for the advise/suggestions.
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Hillboy, I got a Bullydog GT with your name on it for $200 shipped. It has the latest update. I have a 2014 also, so just plug and play.
Thanks everyone. I'll get to work on the bluetooth. I do not want to do headers. My question about the BullyDog Nate Glover is about the tune I would use since I have the dual exhaust? The updates your unit has will be correct for my truck?
Yep. I have it updated with the latest version from Bulldog. The most popular tune seems to be the 87 octane with a 2 degree timing advance. The advance will help bring back some low end you might lost with your duals. Not to mention turning off your "wide open throttle restriction" on a 2wd truck will make it fly off the line!!!
I do! Sorry - been out of touch for with work lol
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