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Looking to trade my Tundra for a Titan...can anyone help with VPP??

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Looking to buy a 08' Pro-4X and am wanting the best deal possible. I was hoping someone had an extra VPP that they could give up. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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Lurchdubious said:
how exactly does VPP work? i asked the dealership and they were like, "do you work for the railroad?" nope.

would it work for any nissan? like an '08 altima?

Heres the website. You need to find someone that works for Nissan to get you a number. Basically you will get the vechical at 2.3 pecent under invoice plus rebates. If it;s your family member you get it at 4.3 under plus rebates. I got a sweet deal on my Titan and my Wifes Altima. It basicall work out to a little over a thousand under invoiceplus rebates. You might be able to do a deal with the dealer that is close w/o one.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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