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Looking to trade my Tundra for a Titan...can anyone help with VPP??

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Looking to buy a 08' Pro-4X and am wanting the best deal possible. I was hoping someone had an extra VPP that they could give up. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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VPP has always worked pretty well for me. I've used it both on Infinity and Nissan. Basically, my company is listed as a "business associate" to Nissan. I get a claim number from Nissan by giving them my employee ID. I give that claim number to any participating dealer and they simply plug it into the system and that tells them what my price is. They should actually show you the form and how the out the door price is calculated. There are different levels for discounts. Mine was 2.87% below invoice then add any dealer added options, destination, etc. Still get any manufacturer rebates on top of it. Usually works out pretty good.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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