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Looking to upgrade the Titan

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Have a 04 King Cab LE 4x4 and starting to collect parts for it. I decided to fix it up some when I was looking at new trucks the other day and WoW!! Expensive. Thought to myself there is nothing really wrong with the Titan, it just needs a little upgrading. Here is what I have so far. I plan to round up all parts then do it all together.

RC 6" w/RC traction bars showed up yesterday :)
Kenwood DNX 892 navigation w/metra kit will be in Monday :)
Kicker KX800.5 will be here Monday :)

Still need to get the following

Looking at 6.5 Focal components for the 4 doors and 1 10" subwoofer image dynamics????
20x10 Fuel Mavericks with 35x12.5 Toyo???
Plan to replace factory leather with Katzkin

Looking to have complete by the end of the year.

Last will come fresh paint. The body is almost perfect few dings nothing serious.

Any suggestions on speakers i would like to hear them
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What wheels/tires are you planning on going with? For me you can see my Audio upgrades. I went with Focal K2 Power front/rear. Love them! I originally was gonna go with the Access... than the PolyGlass series but eventually got a deal for the K2 Power Series. I had a custom box made to house 2 12" Kicker ProCompR's in a sealed enclosure filled with 1lb of polyfill in each chamber. She pounds hard and blends very well with the K2's. High's are not bright at all. I've read numerous threads about how people think Focals are too bright but if you set the DSP and all the crossover points, EQ band these components come alive. Its just a matter of tuning your system right. When playing movies to me it sounds better than the movie theatres :devil:

Edit: I just saw what wheels you're going with
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