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Lost Keys

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Can anyone tell me how a dealer can lose the valet key and the second vehicle key for a brand new Titan? When I traded in my pissy truck (that was its nickname, 2001 Tacoma regular cab 4x4) I even had the key code tag with all my keys after three years of use!! The sales guy did make me a WE OWE for the keys and threw in a bottle of touch-up paint for free, so I can't complain too much. Hope I don't lose the only key I have before this weekend.
Went to the dealer last night to see if they found the keys. As soon as I got out of my truck, one of the salesmen asked if he could help me. I immediately told him I wanted my trade back and was bringing the Titan back, where was my sales guy!! Should have seen the look on his face!! HA! What did he expect, I was going to come in and buy a second one??? Sales guys, makes you wonder sometimes!

My dealer never mentioned a web site for tracking a vehicle. Does anyone have the link for it, I would be curious to see when my truck was made, etc.
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The big problem is that the keys are programmed for your vehicle. The keys have a chip in them that prevents any key from being pushed in and turned. You have to have the chip transmit the code. Check your manual for how to program the key. I would reset the program and set it to only the key and Fob that you have preventing theft by the other key and fob!

OK, so I am a paranoid type. Arn't we all a little?
When I purchased My Titan they also couldn't find the valet and extra keys.
They were able to make me new ones but you have to wonder why they were missing in the first place. Maybe they ended up in the same place as my missing(?) coin holder. LOL!!!!!
I would be carefull that "Joe Blow" from the dealership don't show up at your house (they got all your info) late one night with the extra key and take the truck down to Mexico and sell it. That just sounds too fishy.
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