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This stuff is all leftovers from rebuilding the rear axle assembly. I assume most/all of it is destined for the metal recycling place, but I figured I'd list it here in case someone wants any of it:

  • Axle tubes attached to the diff shell, all empty, 2006
  • Two rear rotors, minor surface issues
  • Carrier assembly. Bearings seem good, but the spider gears have face pitting. Would work in a pinch.
  • Ring and pinion, good condition.
  • Left and right rear ABS sensors (I assume they work, but untested)
  • One good axle shaft with ABS tone ring attached. It's had bearings cut off of it once, so tool marks on the bolt plate
  • Both e-brake cables (one has a scuff through the outer plastic)
If you need any of this, hit me up. I can produce photos and work out getting it to you. Parts are located near Auburn, AL. I'm willing to ship if you want to pay for shipping, but most of this stuff is freight-only, so not cheap to ship.
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