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I know this has been covered a few times, and I have posted in most of the threads, but for the past year now I have had a loud clunking coming from somewhere in the ebd area of my truck, usually happens when going over speed bumps or any good amount of bumpy terrain. Other people on here have had similar problems and said to check the spare tire, the shocks, leafs springs, or possibly even the tailgate. Oh and of course the dealer has inssisted from day one that is what my flowmaster smacking the fram rail but I have it reinforced from the exhaust shop so there is no way it could be the source.

Well, today I finally figured it out, the back driver side bolt holding the bed down is completely gone! I actually feel like a dumbass for not finding this out sooner on my own, but now that I have, it just makes me dislike the dealers even more. Not to mention my squeaky seat that took 4 trips to fix, or broken armrest, having my cruise control fixed 3 times and now my bedliner is bubling. Thank god I am only at 34,000 miles.

Ok that is the end of my rant.
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