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Low speed moan in front end!

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I've got a low speed moan in the front end when I touch the brakes, especially when I an turning and using brakes. I pulled into a fast food drive thru and the poor guy working the window ducked when I pulled around the corner :jester: It seems to be worse after a long drive. I am leaning towards brakes, but it could be bearings since it is cyclic and worse when turning. Any ideas before I go to the stealership? I like having ideas before I listen to their BS :)

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i have that same front end moan/groan. i swapped the front diff fluid, and it is still there. i am guessing the lsd, but i don;t want to deal with dealer's shananigans either. i'll just wait till it blows up or gets worse, and it will be clear to the moronic dealer what the problem is. "misslelau
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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