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Low speed moan in front end!

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I've got a low speed moan in the front end when I touch the brakes, especially when I an turning and using brakes. I pulled into a fast food drive thru and the poor guy working the window ducked when I pulled around the corner :jester: It seems to be worse after a long drive. I am leaning towards brakes, but it could be bearings since it is cyclic and worse when turning. Any ideas before I go to the stealership? I like having ideas before I listen to their BS :)

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Just got back from running to pick up lunch down the street. Did it pulling throught the drive thru. I thought it might be associated with long drives creating lots of heat, but it was actually worse after sitting in line with my foot on the break. When I rolled forward while touching the breaks, it would make the noise.
I need to make an appointment to get it looked at, but I just hate dealing with service departments :( It's such a hassle and normally ends up in a headache.
I'm really leaning towards a hub issue on this one. I still haven't made it to t he dealer yet, but I've narrowed it down to either a brake or hub/bearing issue.
Nope, it seems to be more prominent in the colder weather. When it warmed up here, the sound went away. Other than the persistent screetch from the brakes after it has sat overnight or all day at work, the noise has subsidded until colder weather came back.

At first i thought it might be a torque issue with the leveling kit, but I'm hearing more and more of the same issue from people with bone stock trucks. I just hate taking something to the dealer when I can't get it to make the noise. It always comes back as a "could not duplicate noise" comment and a waste of time.
But what is causing the rotors to glaze? Will they not just do it again? And why does it seem to do this after longer drives? Sounds more like a band-aid to me. Mine hasn't done it in a while, so I'm sure it will reappear after my next long trip.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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