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Low speed moan in front end!

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I've got a low speed moan in the front end when I touch the brakes, especially when I an turning and using brakes. I pulled into a fast food drive thru and the poor guy working the window ducked when I pulled around the corner :jester: It seems to be worse after a long drive. I am leaning towards brakes, but it could be bearings since it is cyclic and worse when turning. Any ideas before I go to the stealership? I like having ideas before I listen to their BS :)

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I have the same issue on my 08 Pro-4x. Its more dominant on the left turn really slow. I have heard it at 40 making a sharp turn. Rack and pinion replaced already. I feel its power steering pump maybe..

The dealership still can't duplicate issues....not sure what to do anymore.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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