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Lowering Springs & Shock system

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Hey guys, I didn't want to start a new post but the threads on the Springtech lowering kit appears to only be "for sale"... i know that's probably a red flag... but i bought them anyways (it worked for the SC :))

so i just got of the phone with my tech, I bought the bilstien HD shocks for front and back... they said that the shocks are too long in the back and they will put them on with the stock shocks, but apparently when the truck is lifted up the shocks let the gap get so big that the spring is popping out, and needs to be guided back into place when lowering the truck back down... this worries me obviously because i dont want to go over a huge bump on the road and write off my truck...

The shop called suspension max and they said they havent had any problems whatsoever... and club armada seems to be more worries about the bump stop & wheel alignment than anything...

I purchased the springtech 2/3 lowering kit, and now i need shocks that fit the rear, so that when we lift the truck on a hoist it doesn't let the wheel drop so much...

and if there's any advice on alignment/ camber kits please post it here

I hope this thread doesn't die quick... anybody else that has the install please share pics & stories... i know that the Titan has a different setup with leafs and lowering shackles... but as i'm sure you guys know TT is the place to go for tech advice.