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lug nuts

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bought too many-nissan take offs
25 for $20 shipped
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must be a surplus of nuts on this board----:wtfdunno:
need to get rid of these..............
$25 us will do it since I get paypal fees etc. for non us.
ok, 2 more sets of nuts left:blueblob:
please get your nuts here!:werd:
courtesy parts part # LG100-V5510TO

$20 for 25 shipped in the US:jester:
I'll take a set, let me know your paypal address.

ok, 1 more sets of nuts left:coolsmile
They were well packed, Customs must of had fun. Paypal me something for the shipping and you can have the last set. Maybe half of those will get thru customs.
Got my set yesterday, package intact. Thanks hitecredneck
one more set left:teeth:
all nuts sold except for me:teeth:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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