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If you feel that stock headlights on your Nissan are too yellowish to your taste and cannot compete with the cool and lights on modern premium cars latest, our headlight conversion kit by Lumen will help you to get rid of them quickly and painlessly, offering stylish and bright lighting solutions. Our product specialist, Greg, will clearly explain the difference between selected series of Lumen LED headlight conversion kits and help you to choose the right one for your Nissan.

Each LED bulb type is manufactured with your needs and wants in mind to provide the best output and noticeable increase in your road safety.

* Longer lifetime - up to 50,000 hours of lifetime compared to 2,000 hours for traditional bulbs;
* Brighter, more concentrated light seen in all weather conditions;
* LEDs illuminate 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs, or about 10 times faster;
* LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs without getting hot;
* CANBUS compatible;
* Easy plug and play installation;

Lumen® - LED Headlight Conversion Kit at CARiD

Being extremely resistant to vibration, Lumen LED bulbs are bright enough to light up your path in any weather conditions. They are covered with 5-year manufacturer warranty and feature convenient plug and play design.

Go further into the night with your path lighted up brightly by Lumen LEDs. Find more options for your Nissan at CARiD.

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