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M&D Accessories - Question for Tech12Volts

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Normally I would have sent a PM to Tech12Volts but decided to do a thread instead in case anyone else was interested.

Tech, what's your pricing on the following?

MYRON & DAVIS AGP178 (Picture #1 - MYDAGP178.jpg)
Myron & Davis AGP178 - 170 Watts DC to AC Inverter Game Plate
Designed for use with Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstation I/II and Sega Dreamcast System
AC-110 Volt Receptacle
ON/OFF Switch With Power Indicator Light
Color Code Audio/Video RCA Jacks

MYRON & DAVIS AGP1 (Picture #2 - MYDAGP1.jpg)
Myron and Davis AGP1 Universal game port with RCA Connector lets you play your Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstation I/II, or Sega Dreamcast system on your mobile television screen


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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