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Made a box4 10's

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Well I made a box, which was a part of my present this year. I have a 2007 Titan K/C and made the box to fit under the rear seat but made it about an inch too long. The people in the back just have to have there leges up a little higher (which wasn't I planning on) really I planned on making the hight of the box to be 6 3/4 inch tall, but turns out that was too high but the only rear seat passenger I have is my son really it doesn't matter. I have a Sony 365x2 amp and 2 Sony XPLOD subs that handle around 300 RMS. She doesn't bump as hard as I want her to do, really I have to adjust the amp. I will post pics as soon as my hang over is done(LOL). But for some reason my hang over goes away when I get in my Titan and hit the gas, I really love my Titan and would never trade her for anything!
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