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Magnaflow 5x11x22 and DT long tubes Droneing

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Any advice guys? Lots of guys happy with this setup according to searches.

Around 80 to 100 kilometers/hour or 50 to 65 mph it really drones. Put up with it for 3 months but need to do something.....its fine at 65plus or 110 plus

have thorley long tubes going into stock secondary cats with custom y pipe mgnaflow 2 into 2.5 into a 2.5 inch 5x11x22 inch center in out muffler then to stock tailpipe.

sounds like some guys exit the muffler down and not into a tail pipe..Think that would help. Not real excited about that as I have enogh rust to deal with without exaust under the bed all the time

Put an additional muffler resonator in??

Thanks in advance

jsut a comment....if you put your own headers on like i did DO NOT turn the steering wheel to far. ruined both sensors 1400 bucks including 300 labor from nissan hurt real bad lol