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Maintenance for a long drive

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Hello everyone. I need to pick your brains and experience. I have a 2010 Titan CC with 82,000 miles. I am driving my Truck from Northern NY to Alaska next month. I have done quite a bit of maintenance that includes:
Coolant change and radiator flush
New Plugs
New Battery
Heater core installed
Drivetrain fluids changed
Power steering pump checked all good
New Tires- extra spare
Installed Timbrens for stability and towing.

I had same dealer check everything I could think of for maintenance.

Can anyone think of anything else that would be essential for this long drive in Dec/January?

Thanks for your help!
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Good luck! I just drove, a few months ago, my 2011 with 70k miles from Southwest Florida to Seattle. It was awesome, the truck ran beast mode the whole way. Agree with previous posts, i did the same. Definitely have some gas, especially to Alaska.

Take route 90, its beautiful. If you have time, make a quick trip to Mt Rushmore, its worth it. You can actually circle a little south from there and re-connect west on 90 rather than backtrack.

Fun drive, enjoy it.
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oh yeah, what part of northern ny? I'm from malone,
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