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Manifold Nuts and Studs

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Hey Guys - pulled the trigger on the Cajun manifold fix tonight.... I would like to have a few spare head studs also like to get all new nuts. I need to order these online as I don't have a dealer anywhere near me. Found this site here:

Im getting 20 replacement nuts (14004B package of 10) and 10 replacement studs just in case (14004A package of 10)

I already have the 2 manifold gaskets and 4 b pipe gaskets

Is there anything else I should get from this before I check out? I'd prefer not to pay shipping twice ;)

I'm also grabbing an intake to get the most out of the exhaust:

Let me know what you think... Thanks!!
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I just did mine today. I replaced all of the nuts and 8 of the studs. I had only planned to remove 8, 4 on each side but ended up taking all of them off. Luckily, they weren't beat up and I was able to reuse them. Make sure you have the Nissan (OEM) gaskets, all others will fail, to include the ones that come with the JBA headers. You don't want to do this twice. Have fun and take your time.

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how are you getting past Calif. Smog rules?...I thought the JBAs aren't C.A.R.B.
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