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Manifold Nuts and Studs

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Hey Guys - pulled the trigger on the Cajun manifold fix tonight.... I would like to have a few spare head studs also like to get all new nuts. I need to order these online as I don't have a dealer anywhere near me. Found this site here:

Im getting 20 replacement nuts (14004B package of 10) and 10 replacement studs just in case (14004A package of 10)

I already have the 2 manifold gaskets and 4 b pipe gaskets

Is there anything else I should get from this before I check out? I'd prefer not to pay shipping twice ;)

I'm also grabbing an intake to get the most out of the exhaust:

Let me know what you think... Thanks!!
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I had zero installation issues with my NY truck at 104,000 miles, but I did replace the nuts anyway.
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