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Manual to Power Mirror Upgrade Parts Availability

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There was an excellent write up on club titan in 2005 on how to do this modification. I got a sweet deal on a pair of power big tow mirrors. I had looked that thread and thought I could do it. Now I am having a hard time finding the part numbers he listed. Seems that the two harnesses are what is discontinued.

Specifically he lists:
(1) Harness Assy-door, Front RH P/N#24124-8S100 $34.53

(1) Harness Assy-door, Front LH P/N#24125-8S100 $38.18

But I am worried that if I find a corresponding part number for a later year that it will not work with the switch etc. Does anyone know enough about this process to update the original post by RkyMtnTitan with available part numbers?
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knowing how similar all of the titans are you probably wont have an issue with the parts being different. if i were you i would find the part you need, then call the dealership and they should be able to give you a year rang of the titans it will fit in hope this helps!!
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