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Mass flow air sensor cleaning

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I spent all day saturday working on my Titan replacing Water pump,belt and all the rubber hoses.It started just great and i let it idle about 30mins reved it up a few times sounded great.I took it around the block felt like it was running out of gas and only got worse then died.It started back up just great but when i tried to take off it would die.Found out i could unplug the mass airflow sensor and go into the limp home mode.I was thinking i was going to need to replace the sensor but decided to try cleaning it as i could see something down inside.When to store bought some electronic parts cleaner.I gave it a good blast from the nozzle and some kind of seed pod blew out.Now runs like new.Can of cleaner was much cheaper than a new sensor.I wonder how many people get a new sensor when all it needed was cleaning ? ; )
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Had a similar situation years ago with my Blazer. Have had a can of MAF cleaner in my garage since then and always spray that sucker before I do any other trouble shooting now.
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