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Thought long and hard about which programmer to go with. Came close to ending up with a BullyDog simply because they were already out for the 08-09. Plenty of folks here on TT were raving about them, but decided to wait, quite simply, because of past experience with Superchips on my Hemi previously.

My wait was short, and not but a few days later, Scott announced the support for 08-09 in the Cortex AND let me know in a PM that they'd have a special buy and free shipping coming up that Friday. So that friday morning, I got one ordered. $343 shipped to my door FROM Superchips for a brand new fully supported unit.

The day it came in, I ran into a problem trying to get through the online registration procedure required to update the unit before you can use it. I missed their tech support folks by 14mins. Kinda a bummer, but no biggie. Next morning, I took unit to work with me, hooked it up and then called tech support. Fellow named Rich(I think) had me fixed up and off the phone without about 60 seconds. I'm ready to program my truck!

I get home that evening, hook it up to the PC one more time and ensure it has the latest-greatest update and then run outside to let it do it's magic on my baby. It gets through backing up the stock tune, I set it up for the 87octane tune and hit go. 20%... 50%... 75%... 99%....

"Communications Error.... Please contact Superchips"

Oh crap.

I touch NOTHING, grab my phone and called Superchips and get Ron Rapp. He and I spend the next 55 minutes on the phone trying an array of things before he finally had to give up and tell me I need to overnight my truck's computer in to them. This was at about 5:15pm on Thursday evening. :huh:
I procede to removing parts to get to the computer and finally get it out, jump in the wife's car and run down to UPS store and catch last pickup by a mere 15 mins or so. *Whew!*

Friday, I simply work from home so we don't have to mess with a rental car or anything.

Saturday morning, the computer arrives back on my doorstep before lunchtime. I install it back in the truck, ensure the truck runs as normal again and then swallow hard and decide to try the Cortex once more.

The throttle response & WOT limiter removal was worth the money all by itself. :) But what's worth even more to me is the lightning fast turnaround, the communications, patience and care shown during this. What may be just another day at the office for them was a pretty big deal to me. My new baby is broken, it's brain having to be sent across country and my primary vehicle now out of commision. Ron and Scott turned what could have been a nasty situation around on it's heels and strengthened the dedication of one of it's fans.

Superchips programmers. Yea, they rock. They do great things for your ride. I already expected that much. The customer service and support... simply can NOT be beat though. Period.

Thanks Scott & Ron!!
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