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Maxtrac spindle lift still fine after accident?

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hey guys! so i have now a new set of Maxtrac Spindles installed on my truck as the insurance decided to replace them after the accident that most of you are aware of. my body shop thinks that the spindle on the driver's side is fine but because the insurance covered it for a new one and well, Maxtrac doesn't sell them individualy so i ended up getting both sides. so do you guys think the spindle is fine or do you think there is concern for damage? it is made out of steel and it did not make contact to the ground other than the brake caliper which basically is what it fell on after the hub bearings broke off but in no way did it make contact with the pavement. please chime in on your opinion/advice? i'm looking to sell these if anyone's interested but checking to see what you guys think first?! much appreciation!

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Did the bottom mount where the ball joint goes through hit the ground?
I don't see why'd there would be an issue with them, but someone else may know better than me.

Off-Topic Who is your insurance through and do you have special coverage for them to replace customization's?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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