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MBRP XP Series Exhaust Installed

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I've recently run into the common issue with our exhaust systems malfunctioning at the flange behind the muffler and potentially melting the wiring harness in that rear wheel-well. When this happened i purchased a cheap $15 2.5" turndown tailpipe from Canadian Tire while i awaited the arrival of my new exhaust, a MBRP XP Series. I went with this brand for a few reasons, but mainly it's price here in Canada which came in at about $800 with S&H included. Through some research i found that it holds up really well to harsh climate environments, which is what i needed, and that it also has a nice deep throaty sound that wasn't too over the top.

Well the exhaust came yesterday and i installed it right away....all i can say is WOW! Very nice looking, very nice sound and very nice quality. Easy to install...about 2.5 hours from removal of old exhaust to complete install of new....could have been quicker if the nuts on both cats weren't rusted to all hell. We'll have to see how it holds up to the test of time, but for now i'm super happy with my choice. I'll post a pic later and maybe a sound clip as well :wink:
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