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Mean Green Canteen

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I never really liked the Canteen color on the Titan but after seeing some real world photos (not publicity shots) I'm starting to like it. It has a tough, military, outdoorsey type of look to it. The combination of the canteen green of the paint, the chrome of the accents, the metallic of the rims, and the black of the tires and plastics really works well together. They contrast and compliment each other to form a true machine-type look. Kindof like a new tank. I still think I'd go for the smoke color if I were to buy right now, but canteen might surpass that if I see it some more. The smoke isn't my favorite color, but I like the way it shows off the contours of the truck and works well to accent the chrome and wheels. It has a ruggedness too it, but in more of an urban way than the canteen. Originally I wanted the silver, and I still think it looks great, but in a way it dulls out the chrome accent and lights. I guess it just comes down to personal preference, but what do you guys think as far as upkeep goes. Which would be easiest to keep clean. I'm not big on washing the truck every other day so I'd like to be able to get it dirty and not have it seem so bad. I know silver would probably be best for that, but what about Smoke and Canteen. Which of those 2 would be easier to maintain?
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Mine is Smoke and yes it is hard to keep clean. Then again, it has been raining every 3-4 days since I got my truck so that hasn't helped me at all. When she is clean, she is absolutely gorgeous though. I would think that canteen would be very similar though as far as trying to keep it clean. The problem with Silver is now there are soooo many vehicles with that color. If I'm not mistaken it is the most popular vehicle color right now. However, this is probably just another trend. I just prefer a not so common color...I like to stand out just a bit. :)
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