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Measure rear axle shaft length for me?

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I was hoping soemone could measure their non E-Locker rear axle shaft length for me?

I just installed a true-trac a few weeks ago on my '05 Titan with BT and factory E-locker. I did verify that the driver's side axle is too short as a few people had commented in the forum. So, being pro-active to not just let it strip out, I ordered a complete axle assembly with seal and bearing already installed from Courtesy Nissan. I ordered the non E-locker version, which is part number 38163-8S10A. When I recieved it, I took out my old one and compared it to the new one. They were exactly the same length! I called the dealer and they told me that the part number is correct. I have seen some "guesses" in the forums that say the standard axle is about 44". The dealer did tell me that the driver's side E-locker axle states it is 33.36" from outside face of flange to end of spline. I was hoping someone may have an axle sitting around they could measure for me. I need the standard (non E-locker) axle length from the outside of the flange to the end of the spline? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Nissan dealer tells me he doesn't believe me! Thanks!
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Yes, I saw that post. But there is something that does not jive with the listed dimensions. They were originally posted as:

Axle length wheel stud to spline end 35.25"
Axle length spline end to flange end 34 5/8"

The wheel studs stick out by 1.25" on my axle. Using the numbers from above 35 1/4" - 34 5/8" = 5/8" for the stud stick out. That is incorrect! My driver's side axle complete length including studs is 34 3/4". I know the axle should be about 1/2" longer than what I have, so the 35 1/4" from above makes sense. I was just looking for confirmation so I have some good info to argue with the Nissan dealer tomorrow.
I did verify that the driver's side axle is too short as a few people had commented in the forum.
Austin posted that the passenger side is too long.

This guy says there are three different axle shaft lengths:
Just got this finalized with the dealer! They sold me the wrong axle PN. They sent 38163-8S10A, which is the driver's side E-lock axle when they should have sold me the 38162-8S10A. It was their mistake when they looked it up and no caught onto that because the PN's were only different by that 1-digit. They had the right axle in stock and measured it. It is the 34" outside flange face to spline end as was expected.

It took a lot of fighting and me not giving into them as they were telling me it was my problem. I finally gave them the VIN number from my friend's non E-lock truck and that's when they discovered it. It only took about 8 calls!

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I realize this is an old thread but I am looking for the Nissan short E locker drivers side drive axle (Nissan # 38163-8S10A). I measured my bent one it is 33" from end to inside the flange. As I typed this I just heard from my local dealer the Nissan # 38163-8S10A is being put back into stock and will start shipping probably by mid august 2021. Still If someone has a good used LH e locker axle they are willing to sell for less than the $540 the dealer is asking I would appreciate it.
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