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Memphis subs/Sundown 1000d amp

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This is a feeler.

2 Memphis M1 10" subs dual 4 ohm - 300watts rms, 600watts max. (1 sub is messed up but will be sent back to memphis for warranty replacement before sold)
PM me with your best offer!!!!

Sundown Audio SAE1000d amp. Used for less than 1 month on weekends only. Used only a few times. Never got hot. Like new condition.
$260 shipped FIRM

Im thinking of upgrading to the 1500d with 4 10's. Thats the only reason for the possible sale.


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Price revised on 1st post!
Bump to the top...Any interest. Make me some offers!
bump. I know someone wants this stuff.
Bump - come on guys!
Tca631 said:
price on the amp?

PM sent!!!!

daylower said:
box included?
No, subs only.
bump to the top!!!
New price on amp!!! $260 shipped FIRM!!!
I believe they would be fine if they were played with regular music. I had them playing on a bass mechanic cd trying to tune the subs just right when the one sub went out. Tech said he recommends this amp for these subs so as long as you dont abuse them they should be fine. I think I just went a little to far with the bass cd and thats what caused it.
1 - 9 of 12 Posts
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