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metalized tint.....shiney?

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i just put some dark charcoal metalized tint on my 2 front windows and there shiney. With a greenish tone to it. is this because its metalized or because its not dry yet? will it turn darker (blacker) when it dries. Ive read it takes like 2 weeks for this stuff to fully cure.
I ask because all my widows are BLACK and my 2 front are shiney so its pretty damn ugly. Does anybody tint ever match perfect right when it was done or did you have to wait till it dried?
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No tint will match factory tint.
yeah, but the windows are not even close to matching.
I thought I read a faq on here that 20& tint will come close to factory...
yeah i have 20% but my problem is that the tint wont turn (DARK) its to "shiney" or "reflective" so it looks different i was just wondering when it dries will it darken?
It will remain 'shiny' - you have what's refered to as 'mirror' tint.
It's not usually used for autos and is illegal in most states.

Altho it takes a few weeks to completely set, it's not going to change much in outward appearance after the 1st 3 days or so, esp. in a warm/dry env.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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