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MGT90 adapter harness

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I recently purchased a MGT90 intake from Peak Speed that uses the 07+ intake with a grafted LS snout which is capable of accepting an LS throttle body. This setup comes complete with intake, LS throttle body and a pigtail for splicing into the existing throttle body harness. I refuse to splice anything into any harness on my vehicles so this is not an option. What I would really like is a patch harness that will accept the retrofit throttle body into my existing harness. From my search results, there is no such harness.

Has anybody built one of these? Are they available?

If not I will be obtaining the necessary parts and pieces to make my own, which looks very likely.

Throughout the build of my titan, I have always made every effort to ensure that whatever mods I do to the truck can always be undone easily...just in case I don't like the effect of the mod and want to return to previous configuration, or if I ever sell the truck I can sell the mods and hopefully get back some cash. The only exception is the exhaust...what a engineered disaster.

Anyway, those who may have some information please chime in. I will be gathering spare parts in the meantime unless an affordable solution presents itself.
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D man, find yourself a used stock TB, maybe from a bone yard and use the wiring/connector, heat shrink butts or solder and heat shrink, easy peasy.

That's exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking of disecting a used tb to create my own harness. I have loads of tools acquired from work in the aviation manufacturing industry that would make a fantastic product. Since I have the tools and understand the process, I figure that would be easier and the best product for my end goal. Finding just a socket needed to patch a harness would be next to impossible since nissan parts are mostly proprietary...example o2 sensor harness connections.

I had thought of terminating my own disconnect like TA CC TX mentioned, but if I can avoid tearing into my harnesses I will.

I know there are companies that make custom harness for o2 sensors, but they come at a premium cost and most no longer support nissan titans since they have moved on to bigger and more productive projects...the vkperformance market and industry are very limited...Unfortunately...
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