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I am shopping for A/T tires for my 2005 Titan 4x4 KC. I am choosing the 275/70/18 size. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these new A/Ts from Mickey Thompson?

I am and always have been a huge fan of BFG tires, KO2 specifically. But these Mickey tires look pretty good and seem like a good alternative. I am looking to do regular towing with my truck, sometimes heavy. But this will be mostly a pavement pounder/gravel roads. Not much "off-road" expected, as this is my work truck. I have a old 4runner for the camping trips. So...this is why I am considering a less expensive A/T tire.

Just wondering about the Deegan 38 tires, since there is a pretty good price difference:

4Wheel Parts has good deals on both, with a $125 rebate on the MTs:

BFGs: $915
MTs: $707 w/rebate!

Is $200 savings worth trying these out over my well-known BFGs??

Thanks for your feedback,
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