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Well I had my truck lowered on 22's for almost a year and loved it. I lifted it right before i moved up here to Oregon assuming that i would need the truck off the ground because of the winter. Winter has practically come and gone and im disappointed that i spent the money to lift it and put tires on it.

list of whats on the truck:
35x12.5R18 Nitto TrailGrapplers.. have about 3000 miles on them. A little uneven wear due to alignment but they still look great. I paid $1550 new.. make an offer

Donahoe Racing Coilovers- Rebuild and modified to be the extended travel version right after i bought them in 2009. Ive put about 10k miles on them and have never taken the truck in the dirt with them on it. Paid $1000 for them when i bought them and had them rebuilt and extended.. not sure what theyre worth

3" lift blocks- Level the truck because i had the 1" lowering shackle on it and couldnt find stock to run a 2" block. Truck sits completely level with this setup. I would throw these in with the coilovers if wanted.

I will be purchasing some skyjacker shocks just to get by in the case that i sell all the lift stuff and decide to lower the truck again. Going to cost me around $130 so ill ask $100 for those if i do this.

Everything is located in Salem, Oregon. Id prefer local sales but shipping would be an option on the buyers dime.

Post up or shoot me a PM if youre interested in any of these goodies.

I still have my lowering kit at my parents house 2/5 with deaver leaf pack and bilstiens all around.

Id be interested in trading the 35's for a nice set of ALL BLACK 22's or 24's with good tread on them.

1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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