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mini lift in / what tires

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I would likr bigger tires now that i have the mini lift in the 4x4 LE 18" rims....what is the metric comparison to 33x12.50x18 or close to it...I understand i can fitt 33's with the minilift installed
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A 285/65-18 is about 32.5" and a 325/60-18 is about 33.4". Hope this helps, I don't know if there is an exact metric size that is a 33".
For metric size tires calculation example:



Just thought I would let you know.
33's or 35" aren't usually exactly 33" or 35" in OD either, ex: Nitto Mud Grappler 35.1250.17 is actually 34.84x13.19x18

285.65.18: 32.58x11.2-18
275.70.18: 33.15x10.8-18
325.60.18: 33.35x12.8-18 (might rub due to width if using stock wheels)
It's not so much the height as it is the width and offset. You will need to work out these to clear your wheel well.
this might help with the calculations instead of just guessing
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