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Mini Lift Total Cost with Alignment?

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What was your total cost for everything including alignment?
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$318.00 installed myself if I had a Titan and dealership aligned. The Armada PRG costs a little more and the rear had to Mod'd for alignment.
crash0330 said:
I went with the Top Gun Cuztoms, it was $136 shipped for the mini lift kit, i install it myself, and $65 for aligment. For a total of $201
That's the best price I've seen on one. $86.95 front / $55.00 rear.
crash0330 said:
It was the mini lift 2.5 in in front and 1" blocks in the back, the leveling kit is $86, i got them for $79 in december they were on sale, with free shipping and the rear blocks are $55, they do not come with bump stops tho.
Check ot their website
I corrected my reply after remembering reading that earlier. That price is phenominal.
If you're talking about the Nissan Warranty, the only one that I've heard blamed on a lift was this one until it was later determined to have occured on non-lifted Titans and Armadas as well so the Mini-Lifts are not usually blamed anymore like they were when it was a new problem.

PrerunnerGreg said:
On the 04 and 05's there is an issue with the snap ring that holds the axle in place...99% on the drivers side. The retaining clip can break and the axle will never fully snap back into place. Usually this happens when the uca (or leveling kit, etc) are first installed and the insatller will let the stub axle pull out of the diff, its then that the retaining clip breaks. It should just snap back into place, but the clip/internal housing get damaged and never hold the axle properly. This hasn't happened on the 06-08 really at all. And alot of people notice this on the fist very cold moring that they use 4wd on pavement.....the left front axle will pop out of the diff housing. Every single case that has been brought to my attention was dealt with by the dealer replacing the entire front diff housing and assembly. This issue was first brought to my attention back in 05 from a customer in AK, who had an this happen. Turns out that there were a few bone stock Titans/Armadas with the same exact problem. Dealer replaced his diff and no problems since. Again, this seemed to be related to the cold and using 4wd on hard surfaces.
On the flip-side, we have trucks running around out there with about 9" of lift on a Fabtech kit (which is about the most cv angle I recommend) and some of these guys beat thier trucks silly with no ill-effects. We are lucky to have very good CV's on our Titans, but the retaining clips have certainly been an issue.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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