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Mini Lift Total Cost with Alignment?

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What was your total cost for everything including alignment?
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I went with the Top Gun Cuztoms, it was $136 shipped for the mini lift kit, i install it myself, and $65 for aligment. For a total of $201
It was the mini lift 2.5 in in front and 1" blocks in the back, the leveling kit is $86, i got them for $79 in december they were on sale, with free shipping and the rear blocks are $55, they do not come with bump stops tho.
Check ot their website
Pops said:
That's the best price I've seen on one. $86.95 front / $55.00 rear.
Yeah and back in december they were on sale for $79, and you can get the rear blocks even cheaper at, there the same blocks TCD will send you. And there $10 cheaper at
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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