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minor concern

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i have a weird poping sound coming from my rear diff and i don't really understand why its doing it. it happens every time i reverse the truck!! can any one tell me what it is?? i took it to Nissan and they couldn't get it to do it. kinda frustrated that the dealership couldn't get it to make the noise.
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It's not a clunk sound immediately after you shift it into reverse? Very common with the older Titans and is normal. I pause in neutral for a second to relieve the rear end backlash, and that eliminates the clunk.
it happens right after i hit the gas peddle
Check transmission mount and bolts for it . Also motor mount bolts. Mine clunked when going to reverse after dealer replaced my broken exhaust manifolds. They forgot to tighten motor mount bolts.
mine does it too, I took it to the dealer and they told me its normal due to the aluminum DS we have
the sound I have is more of a clicking sound . The u-joints are fine and no slop in the drive train
yeah now that you mention it, its more like a clicking noise. i'm glad it's normal
There should be no drive train noise when hitting the accelerator after shifting from gear.
that's what i thought, should i just bring it back to them?
that's what i thought, should i just bring it back to them?
I sure would if it's still under warranty.
yeah i'm still covered.
what should i tell them, since i been that before?
Take it in and have a mechanic test drive it with you. You know how to produce the noise.
okay i will do that soon as i get a chance
Mine did the same, only in reverse, and it was the parking brakes for some reason? I adjusted them and the sound went away, so check that if you can, not too hard, doable in 1-2 hrs easy.
i know this is a dumb questions but where do i start looking?
here is a video of what i'm talking about guys, sorry it took so long to do this.

00:21 it click and 00:26 it clicks some more and a few other times.

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nice set of nutz! mine does it when in reverse, a click click noise but never forward
haha gotta love the blue balls.

yeah idk why mine does it both ways
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