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Mirror Cover Part # ?

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My local dealership can't seem to find the correct part numbers for black mirror covers/caps that would fit an 07 LE's trailer tow mirrors (ie XE/SE with trailer tow pkg). Can anyone out there help me ? I'd like to get rid of the chrome.
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It would be easier and cheaper to trade someone for the black caps. I got the same run around from the dealer and then they told me 75+ for black caps. I traded with someone and we eash paid for 2 day shipping only $33.
I am actually looking to trade out my chrome caps for black ones as well on my 04 LE.

If anyone can provide the part numbers that would be great as I am putting together a big order through the dealer.
Here are some part #'s but I think you might have known these numbers.
right# 1407000RH
left# 1407001LH

Here is a thread on the removal of them and the trouble everyone has had trying to do the same as you two.
Unfortunately at this time Nissan does not offer the black caps for sale as a single piece, that's why no one can find a PNs on them.
Well, if anyone wants to part with the black ones. I'd like to be next in line. I HATE chrome.
I have an 08 woth the smaller mirrors and they are black and i would like the chrome.
i also have an 04 kc and would like the chrome......
I have an 08 with trailer tow mirrors which I just upgraded to chrome. I will sell you the black caps for $50 shipping included.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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