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I have a Titan LE CC on order with the tow package, NAV and DVD, however I dont really have a need for the BIG mirrors that come with the tow package. Does anyone know if you can change the mirrors with the smaller mirrors?

Let me know. Thanks!
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The Nissan dealer said there may be different holes drilled for the towing package considering they're bigger, But as I have found out many dealerships are misleading and very Unknowledgeable.
I am in Orange County, Irvine

What about you?
I dont have the truck yet but they will be heated. When I get the truck I will see if I like the big mirrors, if I dont like them I wont have any problems trading you.

When you look into it make sure all the connectors are the same, etc.

My truck wont be here til April :(
Very good to know, thanks for the replys. I'll wait anxiously to get my truck!
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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