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Moonlight Racing offroad park
21225 State Hwy A
Sullivan, Missouri 63080
(636) 629-0223

Dates: SUNDAY, August 31st, 2014

Cost: hasn't been set yet, working on a discount

If you are interested, sign up here:
Stocker No Locker at moonlight

I'm going to try to make it out. It never hurts to refresh one's skills.

This event is being sponsored by MightyMouse from our forum. the below text is from him:

Ready for the second annual "stocker no locker" run. august 31st at moonlight racing in sullivan mo. This is an open event for those of you that are experienced wheelers and don't want to go on the stock vehicle runs please show up wheel the park enjoy lunch and harass me when i hold class. This is a meet n greet so the more the merrier. Also this is an open event for non mo4wd people as well so spread the word. There will be at least two guided runs through a preselected series of trails focused on beginners and "newbies" The trails we run will be tailored to the stock vehicles without the aid of traction devices (locking differentials). No armor will be required and no minimum off road accessories. So if you're curious and want to see what your vehicle can do please come out this will be (hopefully) a very informative event. Mo4wd and i hold no responsibility for you, your safety, or your vehicle. I will keep you and your safety my first priority.

Along with guided trails throughout the day We also plan on having lunch with a quick class on 4 wheeling basics. I plan on covering the basic things to get you started and be safe out on the trail and be prepared as well. I will go through basic winching, trail, and vehicle safety. i will try and cover some recovery techniques. Along with this i will cover trail educate and some basic spotting techniques as well. I plan on bringing a grill for burgers and dogs, and providing some chips and maybe some refreshments along with some handouts to cover the educational parts as well.

Price will be posted up asap. I will inquire with austin if Clint will give us a discount for the event. I will absolutely keep this as reasonable as possible.

The basic plan depends on attendance. If i get the number of stock vehicles i need i would like to make two groups. For now the schedule depends on who is showing up.
please rsvp via this thread and let me know as i am considering making t-shirts for this event. If t-shirts happen i will get a loose number, have them made and sell them for a reasonable price at the event.

so.... post up get ready to wheel and i will be posting another thread for a couple pop up runs at moonlight for trail selection and clean up. I know EN is on board and he and i will be heading the operation for the most part.

the pic thread from last year. Login
had a great turn out and amazingly enough people sat down and listened to my class. I will try and out do myself from last year and make sure we have a blast.

8:00am: 1st group show up at moonlight racing, get acquainted, get your rig ready to wheel (i can help with this if needed)
8:30-45: get on the trail
12:00 2nd group show up time. meet at the bbq/meeting area close to the creak waterfall (i'll touch upon this with pics so you know how to get there)
12:00-30 Depends on how long 1st group takes to get through the trails break for lunch and class.
1:00-30 2nd group get acquainted with me and the leaders of the trail, get your vehicles ready to wheel
1:30-45 get on the trail
5:00 end of official event but feel free to wheel the park, relax have fun ask questions. Their facebook page states they are open til 11;30pm

moonlight racing facebook page
some youtube videos to give you an idea of the park featuring a few of our mo4wd members
moonlight racing off road park. taking on the waterfall - YouTube
Moonlight Wheelin 2011.mp4 - YouTube
That One Trail Exit - Moonlight Racing 6-1-13 - YouTube
Moonlight Racing Jays Bluff - YouTube
Moonlight Racing 5 - YouTube
Main Squeeze Moon light off-road park - YouTube
this is close to where we will be setting up for class, lunch, and trail head.

that badass rig is the Iguana btw...

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