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The subject line of this post might be a little misleading, but I thought that I might throw this out for conversation....

I use the Mobil 1 M-110 oil filter for my Titan. After a lot of research (and years experience) I use the same oil filter for my large cc cruiser bike. I always though that that was cool. 1 filter for two machines.

Well, I just purchased a sport bike to go along with my truck and cruiser bike and guess what? Again, everyone says use the M-110 for it. The sport bike is a Yamaha R6 (600cc) which red lines at 15,000 rpm. Wow! So I now am totally vested in Mobile 1 M-110 oil filters for my trucking needs, cruising needs, and my canyon carving needs. Thank you Mobil 1.

It's probably worth noting that in each of the forums (titan, VTX 1300, and R6) that the Mobil 1 comes highly recommended.

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