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Mod Advice Please Help

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Well i am looking into getting a few new things for my truck. By the way got my truck uprev tuned and let me say i love it. so wrx pulled up to me and i smoked him all i said was :bye: :bye: :explode:
well for my new mods i am looking to get new headlights, should i get new headlights or just bulbs and i want the same lights for my fog lights?

i wanna get an alarm system what is the best one, any suggestions?

what about grilles which one is the best?

also if u know of a place that sells this stuff cheap let me know thanks
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There are so many options on everything you listed I honeslty don't know where to start. I have a Banks Monster Exhaust and Helix TBS as well as a a cheap air intake. I definately see more HP and I recommend all these mods but the Helix TBS whistles alot.

I also have a Viper Alarm with Remote Start. Not sure of the model but it's the top one with paging digital remote.
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