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Modesto need help with Differential

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I just bought a True Trac Differential for my Titan...never have played with a rear end before....atleast not on a truck!!!

Looking for someone that's willing to give me a hand with the installation.

I'll buy the beer!!!!

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I get confused everytime i see this name. Do you have 2 screen names Rossi or are you split personality?? lol
I've got three or four personalities!!!
dawgs77 said:
I've got three or four personalities!!!

I'll vouch for that.
Grats Dawg!

You'll be in the 13's for sure now.

I was a mechanic years ago, but never did much with drivetrain components. I was mostly an engine man. If you have instructions on how to do it, and it doesn't require special tools, I may be able to lend a hand.
Ron, what kind of hours are you working these days? I'm doing a job in Modesto and if you're around maybe we can grab lunch, or a beer after work. I'm renovating two houses at 213 Melrose St. I've been working Mon thru Sat and expect to be there for another two or three weeks.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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